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Top 5 Men Issues During Divorce

Tulsa Divorce Attorney – Going through a divorce

It is always a challenge, but for men, there are some particular issues that need to be faced as noted byTulsa divorce attorney Jeffrey Hensley, Esq. Understanding these potential difficulties can help you to prepare for them, and know how to get through them successfully. The following are five of the most common and/or most difficult issues that men typically have to face when going through a divorce.

Using Children as Pawns

One of the most common challenges that men have to face is when their spouse attempts to use their children as pawns in the divorce -Tulsa divorce attorney Jeffrey Hensley, Esq. has seen this attempt in many instances. While laws and standards are changing, women still get primary custody of children in the vast majority of divorce situations. This has the potential to give them the power to manipulate you during the divorce, long after it has been finalized. If you feel your spouse is using the children in this way, or that they might, make sure to speak with your attorney about it to see what can be done.

Emotional Distress

Going through a divorce is emotionally draining as witnessed by mostTulsa divorce attorney experts. Even if a marriage was very unhappy, men often experience a powerful sense of loss or failure during and just after their divorce. This can be a very unexpected experience, and men often don't know what to do about it. Having a therapist, mental health professional, or even just a trusted friend to talk to about these issues is very important. Acknowledging and addressing your emotions during this time will help you to think more clearly and make rational decisions throughout your divorce, which is very important.

Agreeing to Unreasonable Alimony

Some men mistakenly believe that they will automatically have to pay alimony to their spouse after a divorce, so they simply agree to a set amount without going to court at all. While using mediation or arbitration is often a good thing, it is critical that you have an attorney there to ensure you don't give in to unreasonable demands. Alimony is actually awarded in a fairly small percentage of divorces, so in most cases, you should not agree to it voluntarily.

Health Problems

Divorce has been shown to have a negative impact on the overall health of men warnsTulsa divorce attorney Jeffrey Hensley, Esq.. When separated from their spouse, they often begin to eat out more and make other unhealthy decisions. Consciously taking this difficult time to focus on improving your overall health is important for getting through a divorce, and thriving once it has been finalized.

Unfounded Accusations of Abuse

While this doesn't happen very often, it can be devastating to a divorce case, and for years after its resolution. Some women are willing to lie and claim that their husband was abusive in some way in an attempt to strengthen their case. Even if there is no proof at all of abuse, the allegation is often enough to hurt your case if it is not addressed properly. If you think there is any chance at all that your spouse would make this claim, discuss it with your attorney right away.

Get the Help You Need

These can be difficult obstacles to overcome, but they certainly aren't insurmountable. When you are working with an experienced divorce attorney likeTulsa divorce attorney Jeffrey Hensley, Esq. of Hensley Legal Services, you will be able to be better prepared for these challenges. Contact usto talk about your options and begin making a plan for a successful divorce.