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Tulsa Child Custody Attorney

Compassionate Legal Representation Prioritizing Your Children in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Child in Custody with Parents Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody, our child custody lawyers focus on the best interests of you and your children. Our goal of our Tulsa child custody attorney, is to find a solution that works for all parties. Most custody cases involving children and divorce are resolved through mediation at our Tulsa law office.

However, determinations about custody, parenting time, and overnights, and how they impact child support require a seasoned and dedicated family law lawyer.

Is Oklahoma a 50/50 Custody State?

Yes, Oklahoma is a 50/50 custody state. The courts will usually order that a child spend equal time with each parent. However, the courts will always consider the child's best interests when deciding custody. Sometimes, a 50/50 custody arrangement may not be in the child's best interests.

At Hensley and Associates, PLLC, our child custody lawyers in Tulsa have what it takes to help you resolve any custody negotiations and family law disputes you are facing.

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Work through Child Custody Matters with Hensley and Associates, PLLC

At your free consultation, our child custody attorneys in Tulsa will get to know you and the specific family law issues involved in your child support and child custody case. He will also spend the time necessary to educate you on the law and your rights and responsibilities.

In addition, you will receive individualized attention and personalized legal services throughout the process.

At What Age in Oklahoma Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live With?

In Oklahoma, a child can choose where they would like to live at the age of 12. However, the court will not always grant the child's preference. Instead, the court will consider the child's age, maturity, and the parent's wishes when deciding custody.

If you are going through custody in Oklahoma and you have a child who is 12 or older, you should speak with a Tulsa family law attorney to discuss your options and ensure your child's best interests are protected.

How Does a Judge Decide Child Custody in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

When divorcing spouses have children together, they may decide on their own child custody arrangements in Tulsa. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, however, the OK court will make the decision for you.

When awarding custody, the court in Tulsa, Oklahoma will consider:

  • The child’s educational and health needs
  • The child’s wishes, depending on age
  • Any history of domestic violence or drug/alcohol abuse
  • Each partner’s parenting skills
  • Where each parent intends to live after the divorce
  • Location of other family members

What Constitutes an Unfit Parent in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a parent is considered unfit if they are unable or unwilling to provide for their child's physical, emotional, or educational needs. This can include parents with a history of abuse or neglect, parents addicted to drugs or alcohol, or parents who are mentally ill.

The following are some of the details that a court will consider when determining whether a parent is unfit:

  • The parent's ability to provide for the child's physical needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter.
  • The parent's ability to provide for the child's emotional needs, such as love, attention, and support.
  • The parent's ability to provide for the child's educational needs, such as enrolling the child in school and providing them with the resources they need to succeed.
  • The parent's history of abuse or neglect.
  • The parent's addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • The parent's mental illness.
  • The children's wants, if they are old enough to express them.

If a judge finds that a parent is unfit, it may award custody of the child to the other parent, a relative, or the state. The court may also order the unfit parent to pay child support.

Our child support attorney can help you understand your rights and legal options and represent you in court in Tulsa if necessary.

Types of Child Custody in Oklahoma

There are two options for custody in Oklahoma: sole legal or joint legal custody.

Oklahoma laws allow both parents to claim custody of their child. The courts in Tulsa, Oklahoma, usually favor an arrangement that allows both parents to be in the child’s life.

What is the Difference Between Joint and Shared Custody in Oklahoma?

If both parents are provided joint custody, there are further distinctions between the two.

  • Legal custody: The parent has legal rights to make decisions that will impact how the child will be raised.

  • Physical custody: This refers to the parent with whom the child will be living.

  • Sole custody: Only one parent has legal and physical custody.

  • Joint legal custody: Each parent is given the legal right to make decisions on the child’s upbringing. These can include where the child will be going to school, their religious background, or decisions on the child’s health care needs.

  • Joint physical custody: The child splits time living with each parent. The amount of time might not necessarily be the same, but it is enough to give each parent the chance to interact and have physical time to spend together.

Is Oklahoma a Mother or Father State?

Oklahoma is sometimes called a "mother state" because the courts often grant custody to the mother when a couple has a child together but are not married. However, Oklahoma law now requires that custody decisions be based on the child's best interests. Oklahoma law does not favor one parent over the other.

If you have questions about your child custody matter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm at Hensley and Associates, PLLC for a free consultation. Your needs, and especially your children's needs, are our priority.

Child Custody Lawyers Putting Children First in Tulsa, Oklahoma

At Hensley and Associates, PLLC, our family attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma, encourage divorcing parents to act reasonably and amicably as it is in the best interests of their children. While emotions run high and anger can dictate custody decisions, you must focus on a positive working relationship with your spouse. In addition, family law matters that involve health, education, and religion are far too important in the lives of children.

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