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5 Situations to Modify Your Original Divorce Settlement

Tulsa Divorce Attorney – Filing for divorce can be a complicated and extensive process, and legal help is nearly always required to make sure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome. However, as time passes after a divorce has been finalized, you might find it necessary to make changes. There are a multitude of life circumstances that could necessitate the need for a change; here are five common situations that may come up and could create a need to modify your settlement.

One Of You Moves

For any divorced couple who shares custody of their children, the specifics of schedules and timing are always important. Living relatively close to each other usually results in a more successful dynamic, but what if one of you is offered a job a sizable distance away or needs to move cross country to care for an ailing relative? This change demonstrates a need to modify the existing agreement in order for your children to have a stable arrangement with both parents.

Financial Information Comes To Light

When a divorce settlement is created, it assumes that all financial information has been presented in its entirety. Assets and debts are usually split up in a way that seems fair to both parties, and decisions are made based on this knowledge. Occasionally, it might turn out that your former spouse was hiding information, typically assets of some kind, in order to not have to divide them. Other instances that necessitate modification might arise if debts were to be paid by both of you equally and one of you isn’t paying your fair share.

Changes With The Children

As children grow and change, so do the resources that they need access to, noted Hensley – Tulsa divorce attorney. There might be several scenarios in which your previous child support arrangement might not be suitable any longer. If your child becomes ill and needs extensive medical treatment, the current level of child support might not be enough. Often times the change can be attributed simply to children becoming older and requiring more resources, even if it’s just for grocery shopping or sporting equipment.

Reduction Of Employment

Economic times are constantly shifting, and you might find yourself in a position of either losing your job due to layoffs or having your hours dramatically reduced. If this situation looks to be long term, it would become necessary to revisit your divorce settlement to adjust the amount of spousal and child support you are receiving. Remember that with this kind of adjustment, it must be completely valid; if it is found that you intentionally quit or cut back on your hours just to get back at your former spouse, your modification will be denied, commented Tulsa divorce attorney Hensley.

Safety Reasons

Unfortunately, situations might arise where you feel like your child is in danger. If your former spouse has a drug or alcohol problem, you might feel the need to request sole custody. Other times, these situations need more investigation, like allegations of an abusive new boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s always best to explore your options and find out what course of action is best for the safety of your children.

If you are divorced but find that you need to make changes to your settlement, please contact Hensley & Associates, PLLCof Tulsa Divorce Attorney today. They can answer any questions you have and help you with every step of the modification process.